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1TapVideo – Instant Video Recording for iOS – Quick-Start Video Camera

Girona, Spain – 1Tapps today is pleased to introduce 1TapVideo – Instant Video Recording 1.0 for iOS, their new Video app that enables single touch video recording on any video camera equipped iOS device. Eliminating the time required to launch a camera app, then switch from still to video mode, then start recording video, 1TapVideo lets users capture candid moments on video before they are over. The app automatically records at the highest resolution available, and will save in the background. The app does only one simple thing, but it does it perfectly. Great pictures come along unexpectedly. iPhone users rarely plan to shoot a picture. Rather, the opportunity presents itself, and the user is present with the iPhone they carry everywhere. The same is true of video. No one can predict when their two-year old daughter will perform her first somersault, but a video of that moment will be saved for a long time and viewed again and again. The problem is that ordinarily it takes about 10 – 15 seconds to start rec...
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