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24 Hour Sale of Inpaint on the Mac App Store

New York, New York – Teorex is organized a 24 hour sale promotion for Inpaint V4 at the Mac App Store. Every digital camera user is familiar with the problem: the almost perfect photograph, but ruined accidentally by a passer-by, something that was overlooked in the background, embarrassing facial blemishes, date stamps and more. Maybe the user didn’t notice the power lines, the person pulling a distracting face, the animal relieving himself or even the setting on the camera that applied a date-time stamp on every single picture. The problem is that there’s no turning back time. The picture has been taken, the sun set, the friends posed and the holiday finished. And while there’s no shortage of software to fix such issues, most are expensive to buy and incredibly complicated to work with. A new licence for Adobe’s Photoshop costs $700, and the time taken to learn the software and even make the changes is considerable. Inpaint is a uniquely easy to use software solution for effectively removing unwanted elemen...
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