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50 Cent feat. Hayes - Double Up

yeahit is what it is son niggas can’t stand itjust my fifth rapper nigga been rounded by the planetshawty said welcome to miamia friend said welcome to miamijust easy got puffing the back yardback to back porsche a nigga said hardi love money nigga just dove money..sacramental it’s your moneybe nothing nigga i’m your puffgo hundred rack on a ..i told she want meif i want the hoe i get the hoe and ..forget the hoelet the hoe and be a hoe pimppay the grant, i’m a fly nigga ..about flashinbut you’re rollin nigga tell me nigga can you buy thati’m the biggest nigga south side means is fake ..i told em nigga suck a dick quick ‘cause i’m stretchin [Hook:]i make you double up, flip flops and ..i i i get it i got to get morei make you double up, biggest ..soon and badly ..maybe double up hey ..get the big shwty the icei’ma show you how i do the shityou think you know what i’m doingbut i know what i’m doingwe don’t ..the south of the boarderwith drug lugstryin put a harder in the drug wood..jay z this is what happens w...
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