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6. Leadership Importance

Importance of the Leadershipin Building ProjectsTime Management in Architecture Asuccessful project is usually fun most of the time for the people involved. Success isultimately measured against the objectives of the client, so they must be understoodand shared. It is best to set down the client’s vision for the project rightfrom the start and to use it as a touchstone. The client can then expect thearchitect to test the vision and interpret it in ways that offer even more thanhe had imagined possible. Role of the ClientThe clientis the central player. By setting the correct tone the client willhelp ensure that the relationship between him and the building is at the heartof the design. This means that the client needs to make his priorities clear,set down when he must be consulted or informed and establish what he expectsfrom everyone else involved in the project. Confusion and ambiguity, which canarise out of internal disagreements and hidden agendas, are damaging and mustbe avoided. Enthusiasm and commitmen...

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