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A Flower a Day Keeps the Blues away – ZAOUM Vases

During all the time I spent in Germany I got used to buy fresh flowers quite often, I couldn’t really explain why, although I guess everything started the moment I began to find really nice posies at more than affordable prices almost in every supermarket. On the other hand, as I started repeating this weekly purchase I soon discovered the positive effects of having flowers at home on anybody’s mood: something beautiful, but simple and natural. Also, let’s face it, when changing from home to another -therefore from one decoration to another- every five months, buying some flowers to liven up the house seems the most reasonable option of giving a personal touch to somebody else’s place. It might have been due to this recently acquired necessity that Zaoum vases now look to me, all of a sudden, like the new must-have. It also turns out that this shop from Barcelona -which selects and restores little decoration gems from the 30’s to the 60’s- is offering through next June 9th a 10% discount to all its Facebook f...
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