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A guide for 2Moons hunters

   I am a hunter in 2Moons with a lot of 2moons dil and level 102. This guide is found in the official forum and the author is Shizz Dizz. I maintain that it is very useful for the hunters in 2Moons, so I collect and write it down to share.    As a new hunter, many of players do not know what they should do and where they can level. It is not hard. Your main weapon is a bow. Use it. You should be leveling on the white mobs in and around Loa or Braiken castles. At about level 8, you will face more monsters and faster spawn rates. You should also start doing the Dungeon of Noobs. I tell you that it is a low level dungeon that gives good experience and teaches you how to handle the monsters that agro. In this process you can earn some 2moons gold. It also gives some good rewards. Almost every player wants to increase his stats and add skill points. Here I will provide you a tip as following. As we know the highest level monsters provide the most efficient experience, so try to kill them that are white to you. Yo...
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