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A Planet for Them

by Jessica Thomas 2725200 0-1’s dreams make his muscles twitch. First it is just small facial spasms – like a cat when it sleeps. Then his entire body joins in. He balls up the hand-like extensions attached to what might be considered his wrists and ankles. The straps that keep him from floating away into the zero gravity also keep him from harming himself. He jerks around like an epileptic, cries out, speaks gibberish with his primitive tongue. Around him, C5 hums quietly. – 94858860 0-1 enjoys maintaining the plants. He can complete the steps by rote. Prune. Harvest. Mist the roots. Repopulate. He would gladly trade his other chores for gardening but C5 will not allow it. When he asks why she says, “It is not up to us.” It is her programmed response. – 183771240 An irregular reading in the filtration grid has activated C5’s maintenance alert. “I detect a blockage in the filtration grid that requires immediate attention. I am connecting now.” 0-1 feels a tingle in his spine and the familiar electric charge o...
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