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Action Block Buster 1.0 for iOS – 360 Degree Ball vs. Block Adventure

Karlsruhe, Germany – today is pleased to introduce Action Block Buster 1.0 for iOS, their version of the popular games Breakout and Arkanoid, played with a paddle/panel and ball. The goal of the game is to maneuver the panel to aim the ball and destroy all of the blocks on each level before the time runs out. Taking the action of classic console and arcade games to a new level, Action Block Buster features a panel surface that can move 360 degrees around the screen, power-ups, bonuses, and innovative playing fields. Players get two balls and 180 seconds to complete each level and advance to the next. Loaded with power-ups, bonuses, and varied play fields, Action Block Buster revolutionizes the brick breaking genre. Players must employ ball control and strategy to complete the timed levels and advance in Action Block Buster. Players earn points and stars, enabling them to advance levels and gain achievements. Unlike other brick breaking games, where players navigate the panel from left to right...
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