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Action Sticker HD – KidsJobs: Multi-Sensory Learning Game Explores Jobs

Seoul, Republic of Korea – YFactory today is pleased to introduce Action Sticker HD – KidsJobs 1.0 for iOS, their Education app that allows young children to learn about 10 different, real-world jobs by seeing, touching, and listening. Kids participate in interactive activities that teach them about 10 different careers, as they visit a: School, Beauty Salon, Restaurant, Hospital, Fire Station, Police Department, Airport, Toll Road, Train Station, and a Zoo. At each location, kids meet the adults working there, and they see and touch the various kinds of special items and equipment used in that work place. 10 Real Jobs to Explore: * School – Let’s learn together with teachers and friends * Beauty Salon – How about transforming into a new style? * Restaurant – Chef! Make me delicious food * Hospital – Let’s get treated by the doctor to stay healthy * Fire Station – You must call 911 when there’s a fire * Police Department – Police officer catches the bad guys * Airport – Shall we get on the airplane? * Toll Ro...
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