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Advance Health Care Directives And Living Wills: A Step-By-Step Guide

Few decisions are more personal — involving both health and death — than those embodied in an advance health care directive or a living will, or a similar document. Some individuals want their lives prolonged by any means necessary, while others want medical treatments withheld, allowing for a natural death.An advance health care directive lets caregivers and family and medical providers know a person’s healthcare wishes if he’s unable to speak for himself. The document can also appoint someone else to speak with legal authority for the person if he’s unable to do so for himself.If someone plans to set up an advance health care directive, living will, or similar document, here’s what he needs to think about:By the way, we hate spam as much as you do and will never sell your email address. 1. The person should consider how he wants to live during a terminal illness, and what his end-of-life preferences are when creating a health care directive or living will.It’s not easy to bring up the subject of dying (espe...
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