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After Beat Chelsea, Arsenal Wenger Believe Will Win Premiere League

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, the more confident his team win the Premier League this season after a successful beat Chelsea by a score of 3-1. The confidence that comes to mind, because Arsenal Wenger has managed to criticism that had been haunting their breakup. According to Wenger, the victory over Chelsea was able to show that his team was mature enough and capable of dealing with nervous before the big teams and match-play major. “We grew up here. We have always been frustrated with all the important events that took place in front of the cage. But in this game, our discipline, our maturity, see and play in groups, ” said Wenger said Sky Sports. In a match that took place at the Emirates Stadium, Chelsea have to look outside of himself in front of the Arsenal defense, discipline. Chelsea only able to test dangerous places five shots from inside the Arsenal penalty issue. Thus, the discipline of the Arsenal players, only able to release a shot from 12 experiments that are Chelsea. “We are extremely compact...
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