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Agent Higgs 1.0 for iOS – Game Teaches Particle Physics

Cambridge, Massachusetts – TestTubeGames today is pleased to announce the release of Agent Higgs 1.0, a new puzzle game for iOS devices. With the world’s largest particle accelerator (the LHC) searching for the Higgs particle, the forefront of physics is often in the news. This engaging game aims to give the players a background in the Standard Model of Particle Physics, which in turn will lead to a better understanding of current discoveries. The game assumes no prior knowledge and is accessible for all players. The story of the game is that Agent Higgs needs the player’s help to stay hidden from view. The player moves pieces that are the particles of the Standard Model: electrons, neutrinos, muons, and more. The rules of the game are based on the fundamental physical forces. Use the Weak Force to get particles moving, or to make them decay. Use the Electromagnetic Force to make particles attract or repel. The physics introduced in this game even extends to matter-antimatter annihilation and neutrino oscilla...
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