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AirBeam 1.0 released for iOS – High Quality Realtime Video Surveillance

Eurasburg, Germany – AirBeam, the high quality realtime video streaming software developed by independent iOS development studio AppoLogics is now available at the Apple App Store. The universal app for iPhone, iPod and iPad streams amazing high quality video at resolutions of up to 640×480 pixel and with up to 30 frames per second between multiple iDevices on a WiFi network. Efficient realtime video encoding technology reduces the delay between camera and monitor devices to a minimum. AirBeam’s possible applications are countless: From serious video surveillance over a video babyphone up to using iPhone/iPod as a first person view onboard camera in remote control toys. AirBeam can run simultaneously on any number of devices, enabling flexible multi-camera and multi-monitor configurations. Multiple cameras can be followed on a single monitor and a single camera can be streamed to multiple monitors at the same time. AirBeam also supports high quality video recording and remote access to the recorded videos via...
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