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Alawar Entertainment Debuts Farm Frenzy 3 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Alexandria, Virginia – Alawar Entertainment, a leading casual games publisher, today released Farm Frenzy 3, the third installment of the popular franchise on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The newest chapter in the franchise that has topped best-seller lists and earned rave reviews since its PC debut in 2007, features a revamped art style, captivating gameplay, and introduces the franchise’s newest character, Scarlett, whose story unfolds in dazzling comic-book style interludes. In Farm Frenzy 3, Scarlett’s ultimate goal is to unseat the greedy president of the Farmers Union by earning the trust of the community and winning the next election. The whimsical farming sim transports players to Africa, South America and other exotic locations to manage local farms, collect produce and manufacture goods. Across 95 addictive levels, Farm Frenzy 3 challenges players to employ clever strategies to complete levels quickly in order to earn the coveted gold ranking and the support of the people. Farm Frenzy 3 comes loaded...
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