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Amazing Spain Showcases The Innovative Artwork of Torkil Storli

Cupertino, California – Throughout civilisation Spain has been revered as a country of beauty and Amazing Spain brings this beauty to life like never before in a collection of innovative original artworks by Torkil Storli. Using multiple exposures of the same settings to create high dynamic range photographic images, the resulting work becomes a dramatic representation of Spanish scenery. From traditional to contemporary, and largely influenced by the rustic landscapes of the Canary Islands, this interactive presentation contains a personal foreword from the artist in English, French, Spanish and German languages, along with 60 works featuring scenes from Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Las Palmas as well as many unique perspectives of the Catalonian capital Barcelona. Published using the MagBooks platform users can flip through the full exhibition as a virtual book, browse interactive contents pages or scan quickly using a fast moving cover flow style interface. A simple tap of the screen brings each photograph t...
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