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{ananda by doshi levien}

London studio Doshi Levien have designed this domestic spa for Italian brand Glass Idromassaggio.  Ananda has a cabinet for steaming towels with a sink on top, a concrete bench and a shower with wall-mounted jets. Here’s some more from the designers: Ananda – Doshi Levien design for Glass Idromassaggio. Doshi Levien  designed a personal spa environment for Glass Idromassaggio that was launched at Cersaie on the 28th September 2010. Ananda, meaning ultimate bliss, is a personal spa that explores the coming together of water, steam, light, materials and space in relation to the body. Elevating the senses to encourage physical and mental well-being forms the essence of Doshi Levien’s design approach. Ananda constitutes a series of elements that incorporate the most advanced hydro therapy technology combined with sensual materials. The spa is no longer a place for only occasional use as Doshi Levien extended the purpose of steam beyond simply filling a room. Doshi Levien see the spa forming part of ones daily rit...
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