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Angry Planes – NYC Accountant turns Developer – Launches App

New York, New York – With over half a million Apps currently live in the App Store, it’s hard enough to simply get noticed … nevermind produce a top 25 app. Many of these ‘blockbuster’ apps are developed by well known, experienced developers; most of which are companies with dedicated resources. However, one of the ‘small guys’ is trying to break that mould, and has made a bold run for it with the introduction of Angry Planes to the App Store. Biagio Iellimo is the founder of BAM Entertainment LLC, the new developer of this full feature 2D action/strategy game. An accountant living and working in the craziness of New York City’s financial world, Biagio is BAM’s single employee. When asked about how Angry Planes came to fruition, this is what he had to say, “I’m a complete ‘techy’, and have always been a fan of all things Apple. It’s been my dream to release an app since the day the App Store went live. For the past 18 months, I crunched numbers during the day, anxiously waiting to get home to work on Angry Pl...
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