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Apology From Monkeybin For A Marketing Ploy That Back-Fired

Oslo, Norway – Monkeybin is a small, independent game developer for iOS and Android platforms, based in Norway; being a small team, dedicated to the actual developing side of the business, they often have to outsource roles such as writing, marketing and finance. It’s easier to do that these days with plenty of freelancers available overseas and online, but it can also be difficult to monitor. A perfect case in point was for the marketing of Monkeybin’s new game for iOS called Jumpship Thrust Control 2. The game cost more than $50,000 to produce and so the company was understandably keen to recoup some of that cost via a professional marketing campaign. They outsourced the job to a private marketing contractor, who proceeded over the next week or so to contact game review sites, requesting reviews of the newly released game. He attached 2 sample reviews to the emails and requested that, if the reviewer was pushed for time, they could copy and paste snippets from the email into their review. A few of the bette...
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