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Apple losing the mobile crown to Android…. who care?

I’ve reading how happy phandroid are celebrating the imminent Apple’s fall, some compare it to the same way Microsoft has managed to corner Apple in the small, cold place of the desktop computer market, this whole anticipated celebration from Apple haters is unique, people hasn’t realized that for some reason Apple is the most valued technology company and some of this value come from fighting Microsoft and its partners, sometimes partners bigger than Apple itself, like HP, Dell, Sony, Samsung and many Windows-based pc makers. If Apple is about to lose its mobile crown the same way it lose the desktop war this will be a good thing for Apple and its shareholders, PC makers have neglected to provide the same level of usefulness of Mac OS X and a rare coincidence, Android is not up to iOS when it comes to usability. Apple is still the money machine and while Android is eventually taking the marketshare, there is not sign of taking the profit from Apple, Google still gets 2/3 of their mobile search on iOS devices...
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