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B.o.B Andre 3000 - Play The Guitar (Official Video Music)

Lyrics B.o.B Andre 3000 - Play The Guitar (Official Video Music) B.o.B, B.o.B, B.o.B, play the guitarB.o.B play the guitarB.o.B, B.o.B, B.o.B, play the guitar Well it’s B.o.B, flyer than a stewardessFresh to death like I’m dressed for a eulogyMy outfit’s retarded, my flow is the stupidest, dumbI’ll probably need to after school tutor itBallin’ on beats got hops like breweriesSideline haters need to chill where the cooler isDr J flow, you can call me JuliusY’all take shots, I direct, movie sh*tGrand Hustle champion, all I do is ball ‘em upNig*as startin’ conversations just so they can talk us upIf you ain’t runnin’ sh*t you can’t even walk with usStill I’m chill blunt wider than a coffee cupYou know it’s B.o, I do this for the peopleStackin’ c-notes, pockets on Cee-loUhm, I’m killin’ ‘em mama, I’m talkin’ hockey maskI do it to death, swag on body bagThis beat is out of here, it’s goneFarewell, so long, so longI’m sayonara, the way I’m goneSo far away there ain’t no signal on my phoneCause I’m a star, so when I...
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