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contenido Better the metagenome you know than the metagenome you don't...

Morgan, J., Darling, A., & Eisen, J. (2010). Metagenomic Sequencing of an In Vitro-Simulated Microbial Community PLoS ONE, 5 (4) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0010209 A new era for the design of metagenomic controls starts! Morgan et al. present the benchmarking of metagenomic tools using artificial "microbial communities" mixed up in the lab. The Hook... Metagenomics is a fancy name for what's actually a large and obscure toolbox of molecular biology procedures and computational algorithms that promises to help us in the understanding of whole, natural microbial communities. It is so exciting because it allows us to study organisms (bacteria and archaea specifically) that would otherwise remain unacknowledged because we cannot grow them in the lab. It also provides for the first time the opportunity to analyse whole natural communities, and not only sectors of it (like "granivorous community" or "photosynthetic guild"). The comparison of natural functional communities would help us understand a lot about how com...
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