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BigBang – Big Bang intro

La canción fue interpretada y escrita por la banda Coreanda BigBang, y viene a ser uno de los primeros temas de su álbum debut titulado “Bigbang Vol.1″. La letra completa del tema: [Hook] B to the I to the G B to the ANG... let's do it So get them hands up high We gon' get this party started right [TOP] C'mon everybody let's all get down It's the T-O-P, I be the baddest around 'n Suckas don't wanna come test my poundin I see'em hollin they chest fall on the ground 'n drownin' see they weren't original I got it like that and everybody know That when I rock the mic my super duper flows Come hittin' left to right whatever way it goes it's whoa freezing yall like zero below I be'zin total control fa sheez I'm more than you know yo I hits that 1 2 3 and 4 ya best believe it's comin' straight outta Seoul [GD] Yo yo yo they sayin this 'n that so pitiful I bring a fist and a smack that's real lethal and oh no You be runnin for your dear life man How ya like me now I'm livin real tight man Don'chu wish you had the hon...
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