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Binary Formations Introduces Mac App for the Lazy, Paranoid, and Vain

Mechanicsville, Virginia. – Binary Formations, LLC, makers of fine software for the Mac, iPhone and iPad, recently released Looky, their newest app for the Mac. Silly or serious, you ask? Looky is both! Just click the icon in your menu bar and Looky brings up a live view from your Mac’s camera. The window is customizable and with the three fun modes available, Float, Stealth, and Ego, the utility can be used for silly things like seeing what’s behind you without turning around, as an instant mirror for a quick crumb or makeup check before the next meeting or more serious uses like during online meetings, demos, and presentations. Looky is a very inexpensive utility to provide live video of the presenter when sharing the screen. “This app was inspired by a bout of laziness in our founder. He recently wanted to know if his office door was open but didn’t want to turn around to find out. That slothful moment was the inspiration for Looky, which provided a well needed diversion from some pretty serious work we we...
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