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birdfingers: My Top 15 Bands/Artists #2. Jónsi &...

birdfingers: My Top 15 Bands/Artists #2. Jónsi & Alex Floating asleep in the middle of an ocean, it’s currents swaying you gently as if rocking you into a lullaby. Lying in an endless field of rich, green grass, the breeze tickling over your scalp and nose. Standing alone at the top of an immense mountain, looking out over the land and not hearing a single sound but your heart beat and your breath leave your sweat drenched lips. That’s what listening to Jónsi & Alex’s music is like.   When I first listened to Riceboy Sleeps, I never thought music would be able to transport me back to memories I thought I had lost or forgotten, every single emotion and physical thing I felt being reprinted into my mind as if I was in an artifical simulation. I remembered times of standing amongst the trunks of the century old Douglas Fir trees that bordered my old house, when I was 6 or 7 years old. The scent of fresh rain on musky wood chips. The distant drip of droplets peppering the ferns.  Or my first time being at camp up...
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