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Blanca and Rodolfo: the other face of Cuba’s Health Care System

To the world, Cuba has one of the best Health Care systems, but that is not the world known by Blanca Rodriguez in the little town of “Las Tozas”, province of Sancti Spiritus. For Blanca, in her own words, she is “crossing the Niagara in a byke” - a very popular phrase in Cuba meaning she is living a nightmare.And She is really living a nightmare. Her little old house is inhabited by her and her only son, Rodolfo Fernandez – depicted in the picture on top of this post. To make even worst, Rodolfo is a 50 years old oligophrenic, which technically is a type of mental retardation that is developmentally manifest, based upon structural defect and such as to render the individual socially incompetent.In a few words: Rodolfo is retarded and in need of being 24/7 supervised. In any part of the word, this kind of person is hard to handle, in Cuba it is just a nightmare. Blanca Rodriguez could tell you.Worsening all this situation, Blanca’s pension has been reduced to reach less than 200 pesos. In Cuba the currency ra...
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