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Bluebird to Attempt to Break Electric UK Land Speed Record The...

Bluebird to Attempt to Break Electric UK Land Speed Record The Bluebird team has a history of more than 100 years old. A history in what, you might ask? The answer is, breaking speed records. Not just on land, but also on water. It all began in 1911 with Sir Malcolm Campbell, who named his team after Maurice Maeterlinck’s play. In the following years, the family team broke more than 30 speed records and now, Sir Campbell’s own grandson, Don Wales, will attempt to make history once again over a century later. The weapon of choice is the Bluebird Electric. The setting will be the Pendine Sands at South Wales and the date is the weekend of 13-14 August. The event was supposed to happen earlier, but a key component was not delivered by its European constructor on time, so British-based Transdev made it instead. The 30- strong Bluebird team is using the event as an assessment point in the project car’s development, but also hopes to break the UK land speed record for electric vehicles. The big target is set for 20...
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