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Boost&Memory Increases Mac Performance

Odesa, Ukraine – Nektony today is pleased to introduce Boost&Memory, a tool designed to manage memory usage on Mac computers. The main feature of Boost&Memory is the ability to free up inactive memory with only one click. This enables Mac users to run more applications simultaneously and get things done faster. This Mac OS X utility forces the system to free up the inactive memory and make it available for processes requiring memory. Boost&Memory allows user to easily take control of memory usage with simple commands that are available just from the menu bar. Application’s dynamic icon lets the user to monitor the amount of used memory no matter what application is active in the moment. A common issue for Mac users is that the apps they use every day take up huge amounts of system memory that makes even brand new Mac computers run slowly. When the RAM consumes megabytes of inactive memory, opening and running apps may slow down considerably. The issue often tends to grow, ultimately leading to the dilemma of ...
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