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bootleg-jesus: thegreathumanparasite: rainbath: Amazon River...

bootleg-jesus: thegreathumanparasite: rainbath: Amazon River Dolphin Photograph by Kevin Schafer The charismatic Amazon river dolphin uses echolocation to track down fish and crustaceans in murky river waters. During annual floods the dolphins actually swim through flooded forests to hunt among the trees. Often pink or very pale, the dolphins are relatively easy to spot. The bright hue and the boto’s natural curiosity around boats have made the dolphins easy prey for fishermen who target them (illegally) for use as catfish bait. Populations have experienced serious declines in recent years; among traditional Amazonian peoples the boto was long considered a supernatural being that was able to take human form. What the frickin frak am I looking at o_o An Amazon River Dolphin! lol
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