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britainlee: leelathemexicanman: feralfromthebasement: nolwe-cl...

britainlee: leelathemexicanman: feralfromthebasement: nolwe-clevercloggs-coxon: dtfdad: thisiswhatwereafter: lyndez: khaleesi: jewbilant: you see this? it’s called a razor if you’re a girl, USE IT your hairy legs and armpits aren’t cute okay you’re not helping out for woman’s rights or anything YOU’RE JUST MAKING YOURSELF LOOK NASTY Or! Women have been socialized to believe that they must remove hair for a number of reasons, primarily the following: hair is historically and Biblically associated with power; we as a patriarchal culture are obsessed with keeping hair on men (facial hair, Hair Club for Men, hair plugs, whatever) and keeping it off women. You say hair on women is nasty; why is it only hair on women? Women and men have the same pubic hair. We all grow it out of our follicles for the same reason. Why is it only gross on women? women’s bodies have been considered the property of men since the dawn of time, and therefore we have been held to a standard of beauty and attractiveness that is not determi...
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