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Can’t Say That! iPhone’s Newest Social Word Game

Seattle, Washington – Fugazo today announces the launch of their latest social word game, Can’t Say That! 1.0, on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. So you think you can describe the word ‘baseball’ to someone else? Easy, right? Try doing it without using the words “sport,” “game,” “run,” “base,” or “pitcher” as clues. Oh, and you only get 24 letters to describe it. That’s exactly what Can’t Say That! players have to do in this mobile twist on a popular word game that allows people to test their powers of description against Facebook friends and strangers. The goal of Can’t Say That! is simple. Players take turns as “describers” and “solvers”. The “describers” are given a word and must try to creatively prompt their friends to guess the word without using certain forbidden words – for example, describing “cooking” without saying “food”, “kitchen” or any other obvious descriptors. The “solver” must then guess the word. Players’ round numbers go up each time a word is successfully guessed and the sc...
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