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Canción no apta para almas corrompidas ojo con la...

Canción no apta para almas corrompidas ojo con la letra Artista: Sun Kil Moon Canción: Alesund Letra:  No this is not my guitar I’m bringing it to a friend and no I don’t sing I’m only humming along up here in the air I’m just mumbling at the clouds wanting to be known while I pass the lonely hours I came down from the moon I saw you in the rain laughing with some people hair dripping down your face your calm hypnotic eyes with Scandinavian glow I felt them like a flame kindling my cold bones mmmm tonight you were my muse as I built it and I strung trying not to drown in the helicopter hmmm mmmm Ålesund Ålesund from the crowd I heard you sing a pretty line was it there so much love that I wanna cry I thought about it long had you repeat it in my ear I couldn’t place it though but loved you being so close mmmm I should’ve played it then from the intro to the end when they offered me the stage at the bar we landed in but I turned and walked away from all the fun and back into the black seaside night of Ålesund ...
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