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Catalonia won't be independent de spain for the politics, but for the economy de spain.

It is evident that in Catalonia we live in a contradiction. Officially we are Spanish and do we really need the Spanish" "government, but is the question we need Spain?, the consultant of Economy, Andreu Mas-Colell, does it claim to the Ministry of Treasury the setting in march with urgent character of the Fund of Autonomous Liquidity (FLA) to achieve 5.023 millions with those that to make in front of expenses, as the payroll of officials, the payment to suppliers and the refund of emitted debt. And in spite of it to weigh repeat that the Catalan revolutionary threat angers to the Spanish government, and this closing the faucet the only faucet that Catalonia has to be supplied of funds, this it will disappear I don't already eat nation, but I eat autonomy, as county and I eat society, that is to say it loses everything, very since in spite of everything it hundreds of people's thousands showed on Tuesday demanding the independence of the Spanish State. Would this last thesis be viable? The managers and expert...
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