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Character Writer Released – Special Character Text Editor for iPad

Melbourne, Australia – App Sublime today is pleased to announce the release of Character Writer, the best way to work with special characters on the iPad. Character Writer is an elegant word processor that seamlessly offers custom keyboards alongside the standard on-screen keyboard, giving users quick access to over 500 special characters and symbols while they type. In addition to providing an efficient means of working with non-standard characters, Character Writer includes many great features that make it a truly excellent text editor, as well as many subtle ones that assist a writer’s workflow. Features Include: Easy Access to Hundreds of Special Characters: * Full upper and lower case Greek alphabet * Math Symbols & Digits * Pictographs * Letter like symbols * Many more Many Document Export Options: * Copy Text * Email as Text * Email as Attachment * Send to iTunes * Print * Tweet * Open In… Eliminate Distractions: * Dismiss the toolbar and status bar to really focus on the task at hand Customisable Look...
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