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Children And Adults Are Laughing With The Animated Ten Giggly Gorillas

Cupertino, California – High-up in the virtual jungle ten giggly gorillas are swinging in the trees, putting on a show for the cheeky chimpanzees in Wasabi Productions’ latest release, Ten Giggle Gorillas. Transporting readers to a fun and laughter filled world this innovative interactive book for iPad combines charming storytelling and animated characters with user interactions and corresponding decision making. As the story unfolds readers must use the iPad touch screen to tickle the appropriate swinging gorilla based on clues contained within the accompanying text. Each tickle results in one of over 100 unique interactions and animations that not only indicate if the correct gorilla was chosen, but also reveal the distinct and quirky personalities of each of the tree-top characters. Tickle the correct gorilla and they will jump and dive from the trees, laughing as they go and a quick swipe to the next page will offer a new clue as to whom to tickle next – with a final twist awaiting a successful tickle of ...
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