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chupetaexplosiva: It doesn’t matter what element you like to...

chupetaexplosiva: It doesn’t matter what element you like to sail into. SSBORRA gives you Water and AIR CRUISES NOW!. Come on join, we are waiting for you! —— Original idea of ship logos goes to: Inkbender. I mean just look at how amazing that polar bear dog is. And since it’s Naga in there, i decided to make one for the airfleet division for the SSBORRA fleet of cruises with lovely Pabu ♥ Tried to keep a similar style, the same font and sadly, had to borrow the stars from Inkbender’s one since i’m lame i couldn’t find a vector file of them to use, that is why the final size is so small. But if anyone wants the original vector file let me know :). Also, this is fault of this song. I mean, airship pirates? STEAMPUNK? I was not possible to separate those things from the series, considering the big quantity of steampunk-ish elements in it. It was fun doing it :)
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