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Codosaurus 1.2 released – iOS Utility Kit for Web Developers

London, United Kingdom – Your clients and your webpage need you everywhere you go. They require your helpful advices and your careful services no matter if you are at home, at work or anywhere else. They want you to edit, rewrite and reinvent every single character of code within every breath you take. To be a Web developer, site owner, coder or just a nerd isn’t the easiest job in the net, but the gorgeous Codosaurus will help you within every rawr he growls. He will help you to connect to FTP servers and organise your favourites in an easy way. Browsing through the deepest folder caves and showing you all the files you love, like HTML, CSS, PHP and alot more is what he does. He loves editing them and saving them back into the folder of origin. Codosaurus is also able to create new files and folders, he knows alot of templates like HTML5 and CSS Screen and he also knows how to create a full working jQuery library for you on the go. All in all this colourful saurus is the perfect buddy for you and we already ...
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