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4 Reasons I’m Glad I Own A Netbook And Not A Tablet [Opinion]

Lenovo recently stopped selling netbooks, prompting netbook haters around the web to loudly proclaim the “death of the netbook.” This is, of course, absurd. The netbook was never a well-defined product: essentially, it was a word describing small laptops. I’m not sure what makes a MacBook Air different from a netbook: it’s a small computer too. So the “death of the netbook” is essentially the death of a word: netbook. Computer manufacturers will keep making small computers; they’ll just call them something else. This year they’ll call them Ultrabooks; next year they’ll call them Miniputers or some other made-for-marketing buzzword.[[MORE]] Of course, a key argument here is that tablets are killing the “netbook” market. I can see that: if you want a small device with great battery life for browsing the web it’s hard to beat a tablet. I, however, am thrilled to own a netbook instead of a tablet. Am I crazy? Probably, but that’s unrelated. Here’s why I’ve no regrets with my netbook purchase. 1. Affordable and Us...
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