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adaptIO LLC releases PowerTumblr 1.0 for iOS – HD Photo App

Plainfield, New Jersey – adaptIO LLC today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of PowerTumblr 1.0, its new HD photo app for iOS devices. Offering introductory pricing for the month of February, PowerTumblr is a highly responsive, striking, and focused app for iOS devices that greatly facilitates the following: 1. Browsing Tumblr Dashboard images 2. Sharing Tumblr images with the most popular social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter 3. Saving Tumblr images to the iOS device photo roll 4. Emailing images to contacts All of the sharing and saving operations are done with original quality files. iPad users in particular will be dazzled at the level of detail afforded by rendering images in original resolutions. PowerTumblr is the second application that was developed by mobile app development firm, adaptIO LLC in Central New Jersey, USA. The first application delivered from this company was iGongyo. iGongyo, released in early 2010 is the most popular Buddhist chanting app ...
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