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AlarmMate reads your weather, email, calendar events and more with TTS

Austin, Texas – Mother Tucker, LLC today is thrilled to announce the release of AlarmMate 1.0, a speaking alarm clock with Text-To-Speech (TTS). Designed originally for iPhones and iPods, Alarm Mate gives users an alarm clock that reads their date, email, weather, calendar and horoscope when they wake up using iSpeech TTS. It will also play any Music on your device. AlarmMate 1.0 is the first release. Main Features: * Full-screen digital display * Snooze the alarm by tapping anywhere on the screen (choose 1-30 minutes) * Stop the alarm by double tapping anywhere on the screen * Voice type option for Text to Speech (“US Male”, “US Female”, “UK Male”, “UK Female”) * Multiple alarms with a customizable playlist Alarm Playlist Features: * Date: Reads the current date * Weather: Reads the current weather for a specified location * Calendar: Reads all events in your calendar for the next 12 hours * GMail: Reads your unread email messages * Horoscope: Reads the current horoscope for a specified sign * Text: Reads an...
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