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Augmented Reality for Real Estate Brokers – HomeSpotter – Debuts at NAR

Minneapolis, Minnesota – House hunting just got easy. HomeSpotter is a new upcoming feature app from MobileRealtyApps that shows customers home listings simply by aiming their iPhone or iPad at homes or condo buildings. HomeSpotter uses a technology called augmented reality to overlay property information on a device’s live camera feed. As a home hunter points their iPhone down the street, they see a view of the street and info on all the houses for sale pops up. There’s even a radar display that show the direction and proximity of nearby properties for sale. “The Sunday afternoon drive scouting out homes has never been so fun,” says realtor Andy Asbury with Better Homes & Gardens Area Leaders. “HomeSpotter takes curb appeal to another level.” HomeSpotter is currently available to a limited number of brokers for iPhone and iPad apps, and will be coming soon to Android phones as well. HomeSpotter is the first such platform available on the iPad. It’s also the only readily available solution that allows any rea...
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