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Bread Expeding Machines like ATM's

Bread Expeding Machines like ATM's Bread vending machines are not new, in fact, knew a few months ago the first automatic bread distributor of Spain, in Valencia is where the machine vending of loaves Vendingpan available to spread throughout . Now is the birthplace of the baguette which has launched a new vending machine that claims to offer bread freshly baked bread 24 hours a day. The new star of the launch of an automatic food dispenser is Jean-Louis Hecht, a French baker who has installed a vending machine baguettes in Paris, where we know that the bread baguette type is most appreciated (remember we liked the video Steven Kaplan, the best French bread ) and followed by bakers worldwide. The goal is that consumers get bread fresh at any time of day and perhaps that bakeries can reduce their working time, even when they have sales on vacation. Apparently, the French baker has launched the dispenser of bread at precisely the holiday period when many bakeries are closed. Jean-Louis Hecht says that this is t...
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