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BuddyCalc PRO 1.3 released for iOS – Expense and Cost Sharing App

Brussels, Belgium – BuddyCalc PRO V1.3 is just released. First launced in January 2012 BuddyCalc PRO is used by customers from around the globe. Lots of BuddyCalc PRO users tell us they are very pleased with the App. Customers write us things like: “Congratulations with your App! After trying out almost 10 similar Apps I decided to use BuddyCalc.” – /- “Hi.. I love the PRO version of the app..” Constructive and positive feedback is always good news for developers like BuddyCalc, so with the release of Version 1.3, we hope to receive a lot of user reviews. What is BuddyCalc? BuddyCalc is designed for iPod, iPhone and iPad. BuddyCalc handles cost sharing events, keeps track of expenses and makes dividing up costs between your friends easy! One of the unique features of BuddyCalc PRO is that it allows you sync your ‘events’ to your personal account on the website. BuddyCalc is designed for friends sharing costs at events, dinners, nights out or during long or short trips, as well as business travellers, be it al...
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