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Hookergate: At Last an App to Make Calculating Your Expenses Easy

Brussels, Belgium – BuddyCalc PRO, released in January 2012 and last updated on 21 March, handles cost sharing events, keeps track of expenses and makes complex calculations among friends a thing of the past. Its little sister App, BuddyCalc Free with a 5 star rating in the App Store, can be used for simple cost-sharing calculations among friends and handles one event at the time. BuddyCalc PRO can handle and store multiple events and you can synchronize these to your account on the BuddyCalc website. Very handy is also the function to allocate expenses to one or more individuals in the group, typically the ones who ‘enjoyed’ the products or services. In the case of Hookergate we can imagine one or two such allocated expenses. In addition there would have been no awkward discussions about the amounts to be paid the next morning had they been properly entered in the BuddyCalc app the night before! The bottom line is that BuddyCalc PRO comes in very handy at any given time, planned or unexpected, so you would w...
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