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Maldonado to stay in Williams F1, PDVSA threatening Congressman Carlos Ramos?

"Money talks and bullshit walks" goes the saying. Sir Frank Williams is quoted by BBC as having said "Pastor has proven he is not only quick but can also maintain a consistent and strong race pace..." Fair enough, some may say. However, it would have been interesting indeed to hear Williams' opinion regarding Maldonado had he not come to his team with a multimillion pound sponsorship deal from PDVSA. More interesting still would be to see whether Williams keeps Maldonado, in the event that sponsorship money from PDVSA suddenly dries. That's what we were expecting, following investigation into the deal, and questioning from Venezuelan Congressman Carlos Ramos. Alas is not going to happen. Por ahora... In recent communication Congressman Ramos told me that he wasn't going to reply to Claire Williams' email, in which she claimed that all Williams deals with its partners were subject to confidentiality clauses that prevented from commenting in public about them, and therefore no copy of contract will be sent to C...
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