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MoneyWiz for iPad update adds retina artwork for the new iPad

London, United Kingdom – SilverWiz Ltd. has announced, that their personal finance software MoneyWiz for iPad is already optimised with artwork for the new Retina display and is available for download now, via the iTunes AppStore. “We’ve started redrawing all our artwork to make it twice as big, 2 weeks ago. Today, it’s in the AppStore, ready for the new iPad owners to enjoy it.” said Iliya Yordanov, managing director of SilverWiz Ltd. The new artwork made MoneyWiz 12 MB larger, totalling 22.8 MB. So how does it work from developer’s perspective? MoneyWiz consists of 189 separate images, and 192 icons. If we didn’t optimise the artwork for the new display, and you see it on the new iPad, the iOS will automatically scale the images to fit your screen, but the picture will be pixelated, because the current images are just much smaller than what the retina display can show. Just check the screenshot comparison that we made. Notice that the new artwork (right) looks sharp, but the non-retina artwork looks really ...
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