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Octavian Music Theory iOS App Progresses to Version 2.0.0

Portland, Oregon – Octavian 2.0.0, the new release of Bitnotic’s music theory app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, now features interactive chord progressions and a dictionary for looking up scales and chords. Octavian makes music theory instantly accessible to musicians of all skill levels. At just US $2.99 and available immediately on the iTunes App Store, Octavian is an essential musical reference tool for any musician, student, composer, songwriter, pianist, keyboard player, or hobbyist. The flagship features of this release are: * Chord Progression Sketchpad – Create chord sequences such as IV-V-I and listen to them interactively. Tailor the harmony with inversion, transposition, and 7th chords for each step * Dictionary – Enter notes on the keyboard and find out which scales and chords they form * Favorites – Mark up to 4 scales and chords as favorites and instantly access them * BPM – Control the playback rate of piano playback As always, with Octavian users can: * Quickly find scales and chords and t...
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