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Parrot Zikmu in Color by Philippe Starck Wireless Speakers

Parrot has released a new colored range of its stereo speakers Zikmu by Philippe Starck – White Arctic, Grey Pearl and Lime Sorbet in addition to a new Web interface and software update. The state-of-the-art technology and the pure sound of the Zikmu take another dimension with the new, color collection: the elegance of Black, the purity of White, the sobriety of Grey and the fancy of Yellow, magnified by the smart and aerial design from Philippe Starck. In addition to new colors, Parrot’s software update includes a new Web interface with browsing mode to select music in the iPod. Also, an equalizer offers pre-settings according to the chosen music themes. With every Parrot product, including Zikmu, the company offers free software updates at to improve customer experience. Parrot Zikmu by Starck offers a 360° immersive sound and crystal clear sound image, thanks to the NXT technology and control of all electrodynamic elements via a system of DSP processing and amplifiers. With Parrot Zikmu, li...
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