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touba: Anonymous artist, Semper Augustus, c. 17th century...

touba: Anonymous artist, Semper Augustus, c. 17th century *. “Semper Augustus was, by all accounts, an extraordinary flower, and one celebrated at the time for its beauty and rarity. Because Semper Augustus was scarce, it was coveted and because it was desirable, it was expensive. Indeed, by the time the market for tulips collapsed, the number of bulbs probably never was much greater than it had been originally. This rarity was reflected in the price. In 1623, one bulb was sold for 1000 guilders.” (via) “The Tulip breaking virus is a plant virus (transmitted by aphids) that is most famous for its infection of tulips. It is widely known as a former source of influence among the price of tulip bulbs and flowers during the period of so-called ‘Tulip mania’ in the 17th century Netherlands.” (via)
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