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Transform your iPad into Mac Tablet using OS X Pad HD Dreamboard theme

We have been covering some of the best dreamboard themes and a Windows 8 HD theme for iPhone. This time, we have a theme that completely transforms your iPad into a Mac tablet. The OS X Pad HD is the most advanced theme available till now and has lots of options to customize the look and feel of the new “Mac Tablet”. Some of the features of the theme are: - Fully functional Finder bar with interactive and self aware menus options. - Personalize your copy with your name and a username. - The Finder Window is very customizable with an all apps folder and 6 editable folders that you can change the label names to match your apps in that folder. Additionally, i have created 5 “Quick Links” in Finder that you can change to anything available in your iPad complete with notification badges. -The Dock is COMPLETELY customizable. Add any of the pre-made ‘Mac-style’ icons to the 10 available slots, OR ADD ANYTHING FROM YOUR iPAD! Theres also a Quick Launch folder to add any favorite apps to that you can’t fit on the doc...
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