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underthefadingtrees: This is for all the girls out there who...

underthefadingtrees: This is for all the girls out there who post pictures of, skinny ass bitches. Do you know who that picture is of ? That’s Marilyn Monroe. They’ve considered her the most beautiful women in the world. She’s gorgeous, and beautiful, right ? But look at her stomach. Is it completley flat ? Does she not have love handles or, perfect long skinny legs ? No. She dosn’t. And wanna know something ? Her pants size, was a size 9. She wasn’t some fucking 00 or 1. She had CURVES. You all worry about your pants size, and your weight when, in reality, who cares ? Why not live your life and be happy instead of counting calories in your head ? Trying to “Be skinny” ? You think losing weight it going to automatically make you feel better ? It wont. No magical fairy is gonna come flying outta the fucking wood work, declaring, “You’re now offically hott ! Boys love you now ! You can be accepted by society !” No. Utter, bullshit. You’re fucking beautiful ; it’s society thats fucked. Love yourself, because if ...
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